Media planning and PR - where is the difference?

First of all, you will get the definition of the two terms from me. Wikipedia helps me:

Media planning refers to the entire planning process for the targeted use of mass media (magazines, newspapers, radio, television, Internet, etc.) for advertising purposes. (Source: Wickipedia)

Media relations refers to the field of public relations, which focuses on the provision of information for the mass media (press, radio, television and online media), the use of electronic media for the targeted placement of one's own messages and the production and Dissemination of media products by organizations. The main stakeholder group in media work are journalists. If the work refers explicitly to the press, it is referred to as public relations. (Source: Wickipedia)

The media planning includes, above all, displaying the media with advertisements, pictures and advertising. Media work, which is perhaps better known through the English term media relations, aims explicitly at the publication of information, news and reports that are not graphically prepared and are switched free of charge. While the marketing department completely dictates what should be in there with an advertisement, with media work we can hope that the journalist or editor will use the text in our words, but we don't know. Close contact with the press and the editors is crucial here. The news can be distributed via many channels, press portals and your own distribution lists.

Media planning and the targeted placement of advertisements and promotional measures are associated with costs. Media work is very time-consuming, but the placement of a report or interview is usually free of charge, unless marked as advertising.

But be careful: without good content, it is very difficult to do press work. Because: what is interesting is reported and read. Make an effort and take care of your content.