Creativity - I do not have time for that!

Will the example be replaced by new tools and solutions in some time due to digital development? Certainly you have a product development in the company, there are certainly also strategic considerations, maybe even a department about which products the company will carry in the future. But are your employees involved too? Do your employees see the reason to think about new ways and new products to secure the future of the company and their jobs?

Here the question arises: How do you establish creativity in the company?

This is certainly a process in which the management as well as the employees from the warehouse to sales and administration must be involved.

Creative employees are motivated employees, motivated employees work for the future of the company and provide valuable impulses.

Just how does creativity work? Can you learn creativity?

Yes you can. And you don't even need a lot of time for that!

(Have a look into my video in German language)